Icon of Coil / [:SITD:] Review

Icon Of Coil & [:SITD:] @ Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee, WI September 11th, 2012

Icon of Coil appeared with [:SITD:] 11 September at the   Miramar Theatre on their Milwaukee stop on their first North American tour in   almost ten years.

German Ebm/Industrial trio [:SITD:] (which stands for   Shadows in the Dark), opened the show, starting out a little on the slow side   but increasing the pace by playing a few of their better-known tracks. The crowd   was enthusiastic and the set went off without a hitch.

Between bands, local promoter Gary Czaplewski of   Elektrotrash Media took the stage, thanked everyone for coming, and explained   that this will be his last “big” show. Having previously brought bands including   VNV Nation, Project Pitchfork, Rasputina, Imperative Reaction, Voltaire, and   countless others to the area, his influence will be sorely   missed.

Norwegian Industrial/Synth-pop act Icon of Coil, minus   member Sebastian Komor (who was apparently held back in Seattle due to some sort   of immigration issues), performed their brand of Future-pop with a set that   started with the slower-paced “Sleep:less.” Vocalist Andy LaPlegua (Combichrist,   Scandy, Panzer AG, etc.) and live musician Christian Lund (En Route, Elected by   Fear) performed everything without missing a beat. About midway through their   set, they introduced “PerfectSex,” their first new single since “Android” in   2003. The stage was kept very visually appealing by use of colored lights that   illuminated it through the light layer of fog that were pierced occasionally by   mobile beams of white light. LaPlegua succeeded in engaging the audience, even   letting them sing a few lines on their own.

The songs were performed more or less the way they were   recorded on released albums, but with enough tweaks to make it worth the $20   ticket price. The audience was a mix of people, most of whom seemed really into   things, including one young man who helped LaPlegua out with singing lyrics for   “Dead Enough for Life” and on whom the band commented on in their tour diary   (“This is the first time we have had a 12-year-old to one of our shows, and he   looked like he really had a good time jumping around in his Grendel shirt. (It   has now come to my knowledge that his name is Eli, and that he is 10 years   old!)”). The energy emitted from the stage combined with the high sound quality   made the show. The admission ticket, which claimed to be suitable for framing,   really is – an appreciated touch.

Not the type to pass up an opportunity, I got Lund’s (who   has been in the live lineup of IoC since 2000) attention for a few minutes at   the after-party, held at the nearby MOCT bar, and asked a few questions:

Spill: What’s it like to be playing such a small venue   like the Miramar versus playing some of the huge places I’m sure you’ve   performed at?

Christian   Lund: Well,   it’s not so much about the amount of people that go to the shows, it’s the   energy of the people. It sounds like a cliché but that’s everything. Let’s say   there were only five people, they might be five hardcore fans and we should give   them a night they’ll never forget, right?

Spill: What do you think is   the best thing about playing live?

Christian   Lund: When   you make something, at some point during the project, you think about how this   song sounds, you make what you like. Playing live gives you a chance to put it   out there and get all the energy.

We hope they continue to keep at it!

– Kathy   Nichols – Photo Credits: Sackie Krikorian



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