The Birthday Massacre, I:Scintilla, _ash Aria_, Prep School Tragedy, 30 November

Metropolis Records’ the Birthday Massacre appears Wednesday, 30 November at Milwaukee’s Miramar Theatre, 2844 N. Oakland Avenue, with dark electro legends I: Scintilla, electronic industrial act Prep School Tragedy, and industrial metal outfit _ash Aria_, which features members of Imperative Reaction and the Awakening.

The Birthday Massacre, from Toronto, is known for their high-energy performances and their synthrock/new wave sound, which can be narrowed down to a meld of gothic, rock, and electronic.  Having recently released the album “Imaginary Monsters”, which features remixes by Combichrist, Assemblage 23, tweaker, SKOLD, and Kevvy Mental (record producer and musician from Canada, best known for performing as lead vocalist and programmer for Fake Shark – Real Zombie!)  and Dave Ogilvie (another Canadian record producer and musician, he’s worked with Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson, Queensryche, Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, and many others), this six-member troupe draws a varied crowd.  The Massacre’s live specialty is audience interaction, sometimes even including sing-alongs.  Included in the band are vocalist Chibi; Rainbow on guitars, programming, and vocals; M. Falcore as another guitarist; Rhim on drums; Owen on keys; and bassist Nate Manor.

Chicago’s I: Scintilla, led by the powerful voice of lyricist Brittany Bindrim, is a 4-piece act who retains their darkwave element but appeals to a much wider audience.  Breaking musical genre lines, I: Scintilla combines metal and electronic and gives it an industrial edge.  Rounding out the band are guitarist and programmer Brent Leitner, guitarist and programmer Jim Cookas, and drummer Vince Grech (one-time member of industrial greats Stromkern).

Supporting act _ash Aria_, currently based in L.A. but whose beginnings can be traced to Madison, brings a metal edge to the night.   _ash has the electronic abilities of Stabbing Westward and Nine Inch Nails with the catchy pop sensibilities and vocal deliveries of A.F.I.  Epic soundscapes reminiscent of A Perfect Circle and Polar Moon, _ash follows the same vein of the Birthday Massacre, making the band the perfect introduction to the national opener.  Live performers include vocalist Jeffrey J.T.N. Nelson; guitarist, keyboardist, and programmer Jeremy Kohnmann, whose performance credits include the Awakening;  keyboardist Brian Stevens; drummer Adam Vex, whose prior band memberships include Imperative Reaction and System Syn, among others; and guitarist Michael T. Grace, a local producer who also performs in the area.

Also appearing will be industrial/hip-hop act from Chicago, The Prep School Tragedy, which comes complete with its own scantily-clad cheerleader duo (Tiffany Ann and Maggie Jo, known appropriately as ‘the squad’Smilie: ;) who help encourage all in attendance to maintain the high level of energy this outfit is known for.   Their debut self-released 12-track album, which came out 30 October 2010 at a Mushroomhead performance at Chicago’s Logan Square, “It’s All A Show” was recorded by Benn “TranQ” Guy and Michael “Ignited” Hodes, who are the live frontmen for the band.  Added to the roster for live appearances are Michael Wert on guitar, bassist Clin Tron, Floyd Farms on drums, and hypeman Wolfie operating the megaphone and making use of rubber dolls, glowsticks, silly string, and whatever else may come to mind.

Doors open at 7 pm, show starts at 8.  Cover charge is $15, and drinking is allowed with proper i.d.  The bands have been invited to an afterparty, as are you, at Club Anything, 807 S. 5th Street. 545


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