Dave Schock WTii Records DJ Night

Dave Schock, Vice President of Chicago’s industrial label WTii Records, a company that took up where Wax Trax! (label started in Chicago in 1978 that had begun as a record store in Denver, CO, included in its roster a virtual who’s who of industrial music, including Ministry, Front 242, KMFDM, the Revolting Cocks, Front Line Assembly, Pailhead, Laibach, and countless others, was bought by TVT in 1992, produced its last album in 2001) left off (and they let him dj sometimes, since he knows about music) has been plotting, compiling, and scheming to bring to Club Anything on the 1st and 2nd of March a countdown of the best 101 industrial songs of all time.

“How would one come up with such a list?”, you might ask.  Well, he enlisted the aid of 260 d.j.s, musicians, club owners, promoters, magazine editors, better-known ‘Side-Line’ posters (online magazine catering to the electro and industrial crowd, www.side-line.com) and the like between the ages of 20 and 50 throughout the world.  Sending these field experts a list of 29 pages worth of songs of the industrial, ebm, idm, metal, synthpop, new wave, no wave, gothic, techno, dubstep, powernoise, and similar genres from which to choose, Schock noted the top 200 selected songs.   Having kept this list a carefully-guarded secret, he will finally end the suspense on Thursday and Friday nights and play the top 101 (or so – depending on what time allows) at Club Anything.

Joining Mr. Schock in this endeavor will be Micah Skaritka of Negative Gain Productions and the founder of Cruciform Injection (Chicago-based industrial band).  Skaritka is also a video game designer and publisher of the RPG series “Obsidian”.  He will be bringing along an assortment of cds, Cruciform Injection t-shirts, Negative Gain swag, perhaps some of his books, and whatever else he can dig up.

Ric Laciak of experimental/goth/industrial label Ras Dva Records has been invited to join and has promised to bring giveaways including cds, stickers, t-shirts and a bunch of rare stuff if he makes the trek.   Laciak is a former WMSE dj and writer for “Industrial Nation” and “Cue” magazines.

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